We aim to assist small, medium, and large businesses to manage their inventory forecasting, planning and buying, proactively. Inventory data is available in real time and on one central dashboard, making it easier for businesses to analyse their inventory. We created ANETA AIMS to give businesses a seamless and easy to use solution to manage their business inventory. No matter where you, the size of the team or skill level, we wanted ANETA to be easy to understand and easy to use. If you hold, manufacture or distribute inventory, try out ANETA AIMS or ANETA FORECASTING.

Visionary Founders and Advisors at Aneta Enterprise!



Lauren is an entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging data, in order to drive business success. With more than 20 years of experience in the financial, retail and FMCG industries and a strong background in management consulting, she founded Aneta Enterprise, a data-driven consultancy that assists companies in making informed decisions to maximise their return on investment. With a focus on delivering actionable insights and real-world results, Lauren and the team at Aneta Enterprise are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Lauren is based in Johannesburg, South Africa


Head of Sales

Nicole, our Head of Sales. With more than a decade’s worth of experience in global strategic sales, marketing and project management she has a proven track record of success in niche markets and this individual brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role. As a passionate and driven professional with global experience, she understands the importance of utilising technology to streamline and optimise inventory processes, and is committed to helping businesses achieve their goals through effective solutions. With strong leadership skills, exceptional communication abilities, and a deep understanding of the industry, Nicole is poised to drive growth and success for our company and our clients. Nicole is based in London, United Kingdom


G. Chibaya,

Adviser, Business Strategies
Mr. Chibaya, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in developing and executing successful business strategies. With a deep understanding of the market, a keen eye for identifying new opportunities, and a talent for problem-solving, our advisor is well-equipped to help our company reach new heights of success. Their ability to think creatively, communicate effectively, and collaborate with a team will be invaluable as we work to achieve our goals and stay ahead of the competition. We are confident that this advisor will play a key role in shaping the future of our business and ensuring our continued growth and success.

R. Singh,

Adviser, Supply Chain Management
Mr. Singh, having specialization in supply chain management. With extensive experience in optimizing supply chain processes and a deep understanding of the industry, this individual brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role. Their ability to analyze data, identify inefficiencies, and develop effective solutions will be invaluable in helping our company improve our supply chain operations and achieve our goals. Whether working with suppliers, coordinating with logistics teams, or implementing new technologies, our advisor has a proven track record of success and is dedicated to driving positive change in the supply chain. We are confident that their contributions will be instrumental in taking our supply chain management to the next level.

Sumit W,

Adviser, Technology
With a deep understanding of the latest technologies and a passion for innovation, this individual brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role. Their experience in developing and implementing successful software solutions, combined with their ability to analyze and optimize existing platforms, will be invaluable in helping our company stay at the forefront of the industry. Their exceptional communication skills, leadership abilities, and talent for problem-solving make them an ideal candidate to advise on the development and implementation of new software and technology initiatives. He in his capacity of Technology Adviser, helped Aneta Enterprises in building most optimum and light weight platform with heavy duty algorithms to cater complex inventory problems on the platform.